Harvesting Heart

I write this blog with much excitement, much enthusiasm, and much anxiety.

With little preparation and no plan I decided to leave my full-time job and start over. Wipe the slate clean! Today serves as Day 1.

We hear of these passionate stories where creative professionals wake up one day and tug their tightly knotted ties off their necks and quit their jobs that make them feel useless, lost, and purposeless (I myself know this feeling all to well). They blindly follow their dreams and somehow reach unimaginable heights of success, and with this success they find true happiness and peace. How romantic, huh? If you can’t already tell, I have spent much time reading self-improvement books and listening to inspirational podcasts. Those materials have certainly given me hope and even the courage to quit my job that was no longer serving me. However, it would be completely false to say that I feel confident that I might be the next big self-help success story. Currently, I’m still holding on to fear and I have moments where I ask myself, “What the hell am I doing?” But then I try to draw my awareness back into the present moment and remind myself of how I arrived in this state of being. I remind myself how deeply I need to be creatively progressing.

As a dance artist, you would think that I would have been satisfied with my full-time salaried job in one of NYC’s established dance centers, right? I was… for a period of time. However, I have a wildly untamed, creative, and ambitious spirit that yearns for growth and hungers for new challenges. Once I reached at point where I knew I was no longer able to grow and develop as a creative individual in my full-time role, I began to resent the work. I spoke to my bosses and expressed my deep interest in continuing to grow into a larger role at the center, and surprisingly they were encouraging. They embraced my need for growth. However, after two months and no progress each day became more and more unbearable because I mastered my role and there was nothing in sight that would lead me to believe that I would continue to develop in the institution. So, I quit. A tough decision, but the right decision.

I don’t have a clear idea of what exactly I’ll be doing next, but I have several creative ideas I am interested in pursuing, and there is no better time than now to pursue them. This blog serves as one of those creative endeavors, which will ask questions, possibly provide answers, offer commentary, and insight into the many different creative disciplines. Through interviews, discussion, debate, and analysis I will share content that will hopefully provide wisdom for other creative individuals. Creativity has always provided me with my most authentic sense of self. Creativity has never mislead me, never deceived me. Creativity has guided me and taught me important lessons about life. Now its time that Creativity and I reunite. So, I invite you to join me as I take this creative journey to Harvest the courage to follow my Heart.