PLUNGE: A Performance-based Program for Domestic & International Students

6-month program for International F-1 Students / 3-month program for Domestic Students


Monday: 8-10AM Dance Theater Workshop with Mathew James
Tuesday: 8-10AM Applied Anatomy with Anabella Lenzu
Wednesday: 8-10AM Voice Work with Tammy Scheffer
Thursday: 8-10AM Dance Theater Workshop with Mathew James

Plus Open Class Schedule
Option 1) 7 classes @ 1.5 hours or
Option 2) 6 classes @ 1.5 hours + 1 class @ 1.0 hours
Students are free to choose either Option 1) or Option 2) each week.

Studio performances at the Salvatore Capezio Theater at the end of every 3-month cycle.

International Students: $3600 for 6 months of study.
Domestic Students: $1800 for 3 months of study.
(That's 72 hours of classes for $600/month!) 

For more information, contact
Isabel Eisen, Seminar Program Coordinator